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Urban Connect is an information hub dedicated to sharing resources related to Yoga, Buddhism, and Psychology, and exploring the connections of these subjects, for the purpose of promoting personal growth and healing. The site also targets how these subjects relate to under-served urban communities and the adversities they encounter.


Reevaluate the intention underlying your spiritual journey

Erica Saccente

it's about love and heart, not ego and mind. we need to come to the path out of a deep yearning for truth and love, not because of ego. yes, it appeals to the romantic storyline you have for yourself and your life, but if your intention is ego-based, the results will not be rooted in the heart. it's easy these days, with the trending of yoga and meditation, with the enormity of books and internet resources, to enter the path from an intellectual, ego-based place. it is okay if the journey starts here, but it must evolve into a heart-centered practice for true transformation. seek the truth from a place of love, a yearning for love, not because it seems cool to be a buddhist or yogi. something attracts you to these practices, but now you must go deeper. start seeking and practicing from the heart, dear one.

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